American Transit Insurance Company v. Gerbert Baucage et al., and Innovative Medical Heights, P.C., 146 A.D.3d 413,

Carrier served medical provider with a DJ action it commenced against it.  Often carriers serve only the provider without copying the attorney, even though they know that the medical provider is represented by an attorney.  The Court said:

Supreme Court properly granted plaintiff’s motion for a default judgment. The record demonstrates that plaintiff submitted proof that it served Innovative Medical with the summons and complaint, Innovative Medical does not deny that it was received, and Innovative Medical failed to set forth *414 a reasonable excuse as to why it failed to timely answer the complaint (see CPLR 3215 [a], [f]). Innovative Medical’s claim that plaintiff accepted its untimely answer by failing to reject it fails, because plaintiff moved for the default judgment within 13 days of its receipt (see e.g. Katz v Perl, 22 AD3d 806, 807 [2d Dept 2005]).

Furthermore, Innovative Medical’s cross motion was properly denied. Since Innovative Medical never properly filed an answer, it may not ask the court to reach the merits of the action because CPLR 3212 (a) expressly provides that a motion for summary judgment may only be made after joinder of issue (see Afco Credit Corp. v Mohr, 156 AD2d 287 [1st Dept 1989]). 

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